The Friends of Purdon (FOP) project is a Nevada City, California based effort to keep the Purdon Crossing at the South Yuba River clean by encouraging visitors to remove their trash and by providing for proper sanitation (four professionally serviced Porta-Potties).

We encourage everyone to experience the majestic beauty of the South Yuba River and are committed to working hard to continue to provide these much needed services.

In recent years, with the economic crises, government agencies are not able to fully care for the Purdon Crossing area that sees over 75,000 daily visits per year. As this is a wilderness area, toilets and trash removal have not consistently been provided by any single government or local agency. With such high foot traffic and usage, sanitation is a huge issue that must be dealt with on a consistent and continuous basis.

With your support, FOP will continue to take proper care of the needs for all of our “in-town” and “out-of-town” guests. We choose to be good stewards of our backyard treasure while conscientiously caring for Mother Earth so that all can enjoy a pristine experience while visiting the river. Friends of Purdon are happy to step in and take on the issues that the various government agencies can easily overlook!

Please consider a donation to this important project.

To learn more about our project, see our About page.

Here are some slides showing the installation of the first two original Porta-Potties above popular Mother’s Beach and Papas in 2013. They were replaced with new ones in 2019.

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Friends of Purdon Crossing

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