Friends of Purdon Crossing


First meeting of Friends of Purdon: (l to r)Gary Tufts, Gary Wright, Jude Bischoff, Mark Keicher, Tad Kitada
First meeting of Friends of Purdon: (l to r)Gary Tufts, Gary Wright, Jude Bischoff, Mark Keicher, Tad Kitada

For the people, by the people and of the people”, is a slogan of Friends of Purdon (FOP).

We are an advisory committee of artists, musicians, healers, craftsmen and a certified hero who have 501(c)(3) status. We work closely with other non-profits, state, federal, local agencies and private landowners. We are dedicated to being caretakers of the South Yuba River at the Purdon Crossing and the nature lovers it attracts. We have been providing proper sanitation facilities for all visitors, removing garbage, preventing fires, supporting protective legislation, building and repairing damaged signs without any consistent funding for over six years.

Friends of Purdon encourage everyone to experience the majestic beauty of the South Yuba River and are committed to working hard to continue providing portable toilets and maintenance. In recent years, with the economic crises, government agencies are not able to fully care for the Purdon Crossing area that sees over 75,000 daily visits per year. With such high foot traffic and usage, sanitation is a huge issue that must be dealt with on a consistent and continuous basis. With adequate funding. we will continue to take proper care of the needs all of our “in-town” and “out-of-town” guests. We choose to be good stewards of our backyard treasure while conscientiously caring for Mother Earth so that all can enjoy a pristine experience while visiting the river.

With your support, we will continue to provide critical services for all visitors while protecting nature. We will provide services which quite literally will not be provided by any other single agency. We are happy to step in and take on the issues that government agencies choose to neglect! Your considerate funding will support us in continuing to be be dedicated stewards of our natural treasure.

FOP is committed to long-term care of the South Yuba River, specifically the first mile upstream from the Purdon Crossing bridge. With a projected yearly budget of $20,000.00, we would like to raise half ($10,000.00) of our first years operation cost here on indiegogo. The funding will get us off the ground and prepared for the high usage of the river anticipated in the upcoming summer season. Friends of Purdon has a $1,000.00 outstanding balance to the septic company who have been pumping the existing two toilets for the last year.

First funds are allocated to covering that debt, additional funds raised will go to acquiring:

  1. Two (2) additional toilets for the parking lot area where they are severely needed;
  2. Improving and repairing damaged signs;
  3. Satellite radios to communicate with federal and state park rangers (mostly for emergencies and report illegal campfires);
  4. A maintenance truck and additional supplies like garbage containers and trash bags. In the past, we have been using personal vehicles to remove massive amounts of garbage that accumulates in the parking area.

We are writing for grants and will be growing financially stable as word spreads. We are trusting that donors will see the importance of funding our project that directly meets a critical issue facing our community, visitors and nature.

You can visit our website at to watch progress videos and get updates while sharing in the experience of our community taking care of the river and its visitors. Friends of Purdon are a group of locals that include a nationally recognized hero, a reknowned artist, a super-talented musician, the best handyman in town, a healer and a homebrew and internet guru. A wholeheartedly concerned and committed group of good stewards. You have our pledge to make sure every penny donated goes directly caring for the river.

The Impact

Your contributions will go directly to preserving nature! Your contributions will keep the river clean and healthy for all who wish to enjoy the majestic beauty of the South Yuba River! Friends of Purdon will conscientiously care for the river with a very special touch that makes all the difference!

Hopefully one day you decided to visit the Purdon Crossing area and bask in the cool waters of arguably one of the most epic, beautiful and majestic rivers in the world. We will have clean and unique toilets for you — when and if nature calls! If you are not able to visit us, your donation will be keeping Mother Earth clean for others who want to experience our backyard treasure.

Friends of Purdon have successfully done what government and local agencies had only talked about doing. We provided clean sanitation for thousands of river-goers who otherwise had dubious options. We have built a solid relationship with the three of the largest non-profits in Nevada County and forged working relationships with federal, state and county agencies to protect and serve a river environment that always gives to those fortunate enough to experience its glory.

We are a grassroots group of concerned, liked-minded local citizens who are creating a model for other communities as a guide to maintaining the gifts of nature in their own backyards.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you are not able to help financially, Friends of Purdon are open to volunteers who would like to contribute in any way, stop by on SYRCL’s Yuba River Cleanup Day or PLEASE help spread our video on your favorite social websites — and do not forget to use the indiegogo share tools!

Project Mission Statement

To keep the Purdon Crossing at the South Yuba River clean by removing all trash and debris and providing proper sanitation for all visitors.

We will protect the forest and watershed by improving proper-use signage and reporting all illegal fires to officials. Expand the Portable toilets from two to four…Buy and prep the toilets, remove the garbage on a daily basis.
In order to maintain sanitation in this heavy use area” Pump portable toilets, purchase two more toilets, collect and remove garbage and purchase a pickup truck and insurance for this, haul garbage to dump site, maintain dog poop bags and collection sites, pay trash collectors, purchase necessary tools, purchase satellite radio to alert officials of illegal fires and conduct, maintain signs and rule boards.

Form strategic relationships through letters of support from SYRCL, State, Federal, private landowners and County officials.
The impact will be far-reaching. It will allow visitors to use the river in a safe and healthy manner while not having to deal with trash, dog and human waste which is a serious health hazard. Our aim is to help educate and protect the watershed from illegal camp fires.

This effort will be a great example of how a community can come together to care for our parks’ rivers and special spots in nature.

Friends of Purdon Crossing